Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes, of course!

The long answer is that Cali Lashes are made from faux mink, and absolutely none of our products or ingredients are ever tested on animals, ever. We solemnly swear to this.   

If you’re wanting to achieve a more natural look with your lashes, we’d recommend the Natural style. 


These will enhance your eyes in a subtle way, are perfect for daytime, and may incite mild flirtation with your barista.  

Cali Lashes are naturally low maintenance, but do require a little attention here and there.

We suggest gently removing adhesive build-up after 2-4 wears with tweezers or make-up remover. 


And while you might be tempted, we don’t recommend applying mascara to your Cali Lashes. If you want that fuller look, apply mascara to your natural lashes prior to Cali application. 


The final tip: don’t discard the original tray. Storing lashes in their tray will help to maintain their shape, and keep them away from bacteria. It will also ensure none go missing on the bathroom floor.  

So you’ve never used magnetic lashes before? Welcome. We’re about to change how you get ready. 

Step 1: Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

Line your lash line with Cali’s magnetic liner. Once you’ve applied the liner, let it dry for about two minutes. Make sure to use enough magnetic eyeliner so that your lashes have ample product to magnetise to.  


Step 2: Apply Mascara


Before you apply your lashes, add a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes to enhance the final look. 


This technique also gives your falsies something to cling onto, which makes application easier.


Step 3: Lock in Your Lashes

The magnet strips will connect to your lashes as you apply them—locking them firmly in place. It’s important to make sure your magnetic lash is hugging your lash line so that your natural and magnetic lashes blend together. 


If you need to adjust your lashes, simply grab the corner of each lash strip gently, and pull to reposition. If the lashes have moved completely off centre, gently remove them, starting from the corner of the eye, and begin the process again. Second time lucky!

Cali Lashes are made of Koera PBT fiber, one of the softest materials in the world. 


And the best part, the material is 100% cruelty free and vegan. 

Cali-Lash magnetic eyeliner contains iron powder, which rates as non-toxic according to the EWG (Environmental Working Group). 


There are absolutely no heavy metals or parabens in our formula. 


We chose iron powder because it typically doesn’t cause problems, even for people with sensitive skin. If you do suffer with eye problems, or have recently undergone surgery, please consult your doctor. 


There are no known side effects with our magnetic eyeliner. 

Cali Lashes are handcrafted, and made to last through multiple wears.

They’ll last longer though, if you handle them with a little love and care.  

The answer to this is yes, and no.

While we absolutely do not recommend going for a midnight swim in our lashes, if you do happen to cry after too many wines, then that’s ok. 


Just make sure that you clean your lashes the next day, and take time to brush them back into shape.