‏‏‎ Un-real lashes for real people

Cali Lash was created by someone like you, who, once upon a time, spent way too long, and way to much on eyelash extensions.

Month by month, bit by bit, she bid adieu to her natural eyelashes in search of the perfect volume, length and look. Even now, while some have returned, other lashes are still missing.

Until one day, something clicked.

A dreamer, and a doer, our founder set out to find a simple solution to beautiful lashes that didn’t come with compromise, and didn’t cost the earth.

She figured, the world needed Cali. And so, she created a lash collection that spoke to her.

Our reusable, long-lasting, magnetic and glue-on lashes are safe to use, won’t damage your lash hairs, and only take a few minutes to apply.

Crafted from faux mink that looks, and feels, as good as the real thing, Cali lashes also 100% vegan, so you can be assured that your choices have done no harm to anything cute, furry or fluffy.

To make things even better, Cali lashes have been crafted in a range of volumes and lengths to suit any face, and every occasion.

From flirty and light, to full-on and fantastic, from brunch, to black tie, they’ll accentuate your lids, without detracting from the natural you. Less fuss, more fun.