‏‏‎It’s hard to choose our favourite destination for makeup inspiration—from Instagram, to YouTube and Pinterest, there’s a world of looks out there waiting for us to try them.

Often though, you can spend too much time lost in cyberspace—so we’re doing our part to find the best tips, and bring them to you directly.

And, let’s be real, no make-up look is truly iconic without a fierce lash to finish it off.

Here’s our list of some of the most timeless looks you can practice in your down time.

The Smoky Eye

Fierce, classic, the smoky eye is a versatile look that can transform everyday makeup into something magic.

How to achieve it? The look is created by combining a dark eyeshadow and eyeliner with a lighter shade of eyeshadow and then blending it to perfection.

The key to refining your smoky eye is to blend, blend, blend and don’t stop blending. We’re serious, when you think you’re done, keep blending. The most impactful eyes are the ones that have a seamless gradation of colour and shadow.

To get started, line your upper lid with a dark eyeliner pencil, and then smudge. Begin with your lightest shade and work your way darker, all the way to the black smudge along the lash line. Add a dash of shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes to give it a contrasting appearance.

Smoky eyes can be done in all sorts of tones and colours, including warm browns and bronzes, and cool tones too.

The only requirement here is to build up a contrast by blending two shades or more to create the ‘smoky’ effect.

A smoky eye is the perfect base for a thick, voluminous lash. For a more natural, daytime look, we recommend a long, wispy lash instead.

The Cat Eye

The cat eye is one makeup look that really has stood the test of time.

In fact, it’s still as relevant as ever.

Why? Winged eyeliner tends to look good on everyone, because the cat eye is drawn according to your eye shape. The length of the wing and the thickness of the line can vary from person to person, although the technique of applying it remains the same.

The secret is the eyeline you choose—get your hands on the perfect liquid liner, and the rest is history. It’s alluring, simple, and it’s a great match for falsies.

Curled, voluminous lashes are the way to go here because they don’t compete with the liner—they complement its shape. Paired with a statement lip, you can easily take this look from day, to night with a little added drama.

The Halo Eye

Brighten up your eyes with a halo effect. This can be achieved by applying eyeshadow to your eyes in such a manner that it gives an illusion of bigger eyes and an intense gaze.

We figured, if Kim K is doing it, we should try it too (within reason, of course). The halo effect is all about applying eyeshadow with a shimmery, highlighted centre, with darker shades on the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

Top tip: don’t forget to put your primer on before you start with the colours! Priming allows the eyeshadow to be long-lasting and radiant throughout the day.

And while you may be tempted to take the halo one step further and pair it with a winged eyeliner, we don’t advise this! The aim of this look is to make the eyes look rounder and brighter which would work best without winging your eyeliner. All you really need to finish the look is a coating of mascara.

The halo eye is the most ethereal eyeshadow technique, so it’s  best paired with a long, wispy lash. We think it’s a perfect way to draw attention to your eyes, and of course, your lashes!

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