No need to start over.

No need to start over.

‏‏‎It doesn’t matter how expertly skilled you are at applying your makeup—everyone has experienced that fateful moment of smudging your winged liner, and having to start all over again. Firstly, put down the make-up wipes and pause the timer—Cali Lash is here to help.


Let’s be real here, if a mistake is going to happen, it’ll likely happen right when you’re applying your winged liner. As luck would have it, this is also one of the last steps in your make-up routine—just before applying your lashes. We know the feeling—you’re late, you’re sweating, you’re nervous for your date, and this is the make or break moment. Breathe easy sister, all is not lost.

Yes, a slip of the hand can totally feel like it’s game over, but fixing uneven or misshaped liner can be as easy a fix as any. All you need is a small amount of concealer, applied on a cotton tip or angle brush. Then carefully swipe the cotton tip along the top and bottom of the wing, to clean up any errors. This will result in an ultra-sharp finish and a crisis averted. You’re welcome!

OVERlined Lips

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your lips to appear a little bigger than they actually are, however, there’s quite an art to overlining your lips. It’s easy to get carried away—especially when you’re doing it free-hand.

There’s a reason most artists apply lipstick with a brush, rather than a bullet. Precision can be a little tricky, but fixing it is an absolute breeze. Similar to that of winged liner, glide a concealer dipped brush or sponge along the outline of the lip to clean it up and achieve the ideal shape you’re after.

Mascara Transfer

How many times have you been applying your mascara and suddenly there’s a little black dot on your eyelid, under your eye, or even on your nose (HOW?!)? Plenty.

If you don’t have any eyeshadow applied, erasing the stamp of misplaced mascara is easy. The most important thing is to wait until the mascara is dry, as this will result in a much cleaner fix. When it’s dry, take a cotton tip with a tiny bit of moisturiser or primer on it, and the mark will be erased in no time.

Too Much Blush

Blush is such a fickle thing, one minute you can’t see it, and next minute you’ve applied too much! But don’t stress, just like everything else, you don’t need to start over if you do get it wrong.

If you’ve gone a little too hard with blush or have messed up the placement, all you need to do is take a soft brush, preferably a soft stippling brush, and buff a light layer of your foundation into the area which needs most remedy. This will instantly diffuse the excess blush. For the perfect finish, it is recommended to also use a clean, fluffy brush, to sweep over and blend in any harsh lines.

Contour TOO Sharp

Everyone wants cheekbones that could cut paper but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away on the contouring side of things. The goal here is a natural look—so onlookers have no idea you actually spent 40 minutes and 3 YouTube tutorials trying to get it right.

The key here is blending. And it takes a lot of blending to ensure the bronzer melds nicely into your complexion. To avoid the ‘nice in one light, crazy in the other’ results of contouring, it’s recommended that you buff your bronzer in with a foundation brush. This will mean that there are no harsh lines, and your contour will look like natural shadowing on your face – just how it should be!

Lash Glue

So you’re applying your lashes, you’re tight on time, and your hands start to shake. Unfortunately, this earthquake in your body can sometimes result in lash glue making its way onto your perfectly blended eye shadow and razor-sharp winged liner.

Don’t freak out. The Q-tip is your best friend for all slip-ups, and lash glue is no exception. Just like mascara, wait until the lash glue has dried. Once it’s dry, you can soften the adhesive with a q-tip soaked in good quality makeup remover or coconut oil. Rub lightly over the glue and voila! All fixed.

So there you have it, although it may seem like a disaster at the time, everything is fixable and you don’t need to take to your entire face with a makeup wipe just because of one dodgy little application. Now that’s some good news we can all do with right now!


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