‏‏‎We all aspire to a stress-free lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows us to roll over from our silk pillows, and feel beautiful and ready to take on the day, in no time at all.

We want to spend less time getting ready, and more time out in the world.

Cali Lash was created for that very reason, to give women a little boost of confidence, without having to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror.

In the spirit of making getting ready fun, but also simple, we’ve created the following tutorial to transform everyone and anyone into a lash-loving maestro.

People, take note. 

Step 1: Apply your magnetic eyeliner

Before applying your magnetic eyeliner, it’s important to create a clean slate.

This includes removing any oil from on or around the eye, as any little slick will prevent your liner from sticking. To help you remember, we call this step: no slick, full stick.

Now, it’s time for your steady hand to make its approach. Not the hand that’s been traumatised from glue eyelash applications in the past—the cool, calm, collected one.

Take that hand, and apply the magnetic eyeliner just as you would, normal eyeliner. Remember! Our aim is to have an even line around the eye. Stay zen, go glow, and don’t miss any areas.

Step 2: While waiting for the magnetic eyeliner to dry, apply mascara

While waiting patiently (no more than 30 seconds) for your eyeliner to dry, get those lashes ready for what’s to come, with a little coat of mascara. This will give you a solid base, and some good volume to start off with.  Tip: try not to use oil-based or waterproof mascara, as this will impact the longevity of your Cali Lashes, and we really want those babies to last!

Step 3: The dry test

To complete a ‘dry test’, you must delicately pat your finger on your magnetic eyeliner. If it comes off, and doesn’t feel ‘tacky,’ you will need to wait longer for it to dry. Text a friend, or book an uber to kill some time.

Step 4: Pop on your Cali-Lash magnetic eyelashes

It’s best to apply the lashes by starting from the inner corner of the eyes, as you lightly set the magnets in place along the eyelash line. Press and pinch down the lashes near the roots to lock them in place.

Voila! You’re ready to go.

No more messy glue, no more shaky hands, and no more ‘sorry I’m late’ texts.

You’ve got this!

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