Falsie Hygiene: a tutorial.

Falsie Hygiene: a tutorial.

‏‏‎False lash hygiene is something many brands forget to talk about. But no, not us! 

We believe that cleaning your lashes is the only way to get bang for your buck, and is just as vital as every other step in your lash routine. 

So first, let’s talk about mascara. 

Product build up from coating your lashes with mascara can leave them looking creased and gunky— not to mention the bacteria build up can be nasty too.

The good news—there’s no secret tricks to the trade here, in fact,  it’s likely you’ll have everything you need hiding in the back of your medicine cabinet.

STEP 1: First things first, cotton swabs. Really, you can use just about any type— a cotton swab, Q-tip, face-pad—whatever is lingering in your bathroom. Pair it with some paper towel, and you’re good to go.

STEP 2: Creating your cleaning solution—whether it’s your fave makeup remover, some micellar water, rubbing alcohol or antibacterial spray, just make sure its oil-free and lash friendly.

STEP 3: Place your falsies on your paper-towel and see what you’re working with. It’s likely there is product build-up from mascara, random speckles of glitter from the night before, and glue too.

STEP 4: Dip your cotton swab into your solution, and dab onto your lashes. Use the solution to break down any extra product, and pay extra attention to the lash band.

STEP 5: Dip another cotton swab into warm water, and gently pat your lashes. This will get rid of any cleaning solution and stubborn mascara that’s still holding on for dear life.

STEP 6: Leave your lashes to dry.

Drying your lashes is as simple as letting them sit in the paper towel and air-out.

Once they’re dry, place them back into your Cali packaging. 

A word of warning—do not squeeze your lashes. Squeezing them will only reshape and sadly, ruin your lashes.

Lastly, remember your lashes aren’t infallible—they’re delicate and soft, and require some TLC every so often. But when they are cared for proeprly, they’ll last a lot longer, save you money, and see you through all your most important occasions. 


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